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Marwell Hall

This beautiful Tudor mansion now forms part of the Marwell Zoological Park, situated just outside Winchester. Once called 'Merewell', it's history can be traced back to over a Marwell Hallthousand years ago when it once belonged to Anglo Saxon King Eldred. It is hardly surprising then that the Hall has become home to many ghosts over the years.

Jane Seymour, one of the wives of King Henry VIII, is said to haunt the corridors of the Hall, as does his previous wife, Ann Boleyn. She reputedly haunts the Yew Walk, behind the Hall, planning her revenge on Miss Seymour.

Perhaps the best known story involving Marwell Hall is that of the 'Mistletoe Bough'. This ghostly tale is quite a common one and legend has it that a party was taking place at Christmas one year, for a young married couple. When it was almost midnight the guests decided to play a game of hide and seek. The young bride offered to hide and off she went. After a short time the rest of the guests went to look for her but she could not be found. They searched all night and the rest of the week but still they could not find her.

Years later the young bride's skeleton was found in an old chest, with a piece of mistletoe by her side. She had become trapped inside after the catch had snapped shut. It is said that on the night after Boxing day the footsteps of the guests looking for the bride can be heard, wandering up and down the corridors.

Another ghostly story involves the sounds of bumps and voices coming from one of the bedrooms at night. The noises are reputedly the sounds of barrels and cases of smuggled goods being pushed along the floor and down a secret staircase. It is thought that the room once acted as a storage place for smuggled treasures.


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