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Opening Night
Moving In Before the Show Getting Ready Act One Act Two Opening Night After the Show Aurora IL Gallery Epcot Tour



!Opening Night!
We are posting these images from so the cast members families that have
 not seen the show at least have the opportunity to see them in action.

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Images provided by
Mr. Bill

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Photos from "After the Show" West Point

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Blast II Shockwave's USA tour has come to an end!

Production & Cast members can be contacted at:
Blast II Shockwave
500 West Simpson Chapel
Bloomington, IN 47404


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Remember some of these people?
10 bonus points if you can name them all

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Images within this page are
(less than 15K each)
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Images provided by Bruce Schmidt.


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...preserving feelings and relationships, 
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We strive to create art that is not only visually pleasing, but art that captures emotions and relationships throughout generations to come.

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