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Megan Bowman
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The Wind

Her music transcends the moment


Megan Bowman

Megan Bowman - Epcot - Bruce SchmidtOnly certain artists can take you on a deeply personal, self-reflective journey through their music, yet make you feel as though it is your experience as well.  Welcome to the music of Megan Bowman.  Immediate, yet longing.  Fresh, yet has depth borne only for experience. Megan Bowman's vocals are intoxicating, flexible, sexy; her lyrics are refreshingly honest, pouring from her heart and over the notes emanating from her guitar.  She is a performer of depth and passion who delivers a guaranteed spine-tingling experience steeped in spirit and sensuality.




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...preserving feelings and relationships, 
not just recording what you look like.

We strive to create art that is not only visually pleasing, but art that captures emotions and relationships throughout generations to come.

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